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Your inbox is full. Today I tried mailing you but your old email address is bouncing the message back. Can you PM your email?
Hi cliv I'm Doss.

How can make MDI child form background color to transparent in vb6?.

How to see through other child forms content of controls via transparent child form?

Help Please.

Thanks advance.
How to set bring to front (Always on Top ) of the alpha image control to other controls? (without container of picture box or frame control in vb6). I want use the alpha image control over the video playback control like windows media player. Thanks Advance.
Dear Trick,

Actually I was asking the question about DispCallFunc api since I wanted to understand
how DispCallFunc is returning a form object on executing a callback function passed to it as parameter.
I had the doubt how DispCallFunc returns a form object written inside inside callback function.
I was only knowing that DispCallFunc executes the callback function passed to it just like CallByName

So I understand that DispCallFunc api does more than just executing a callback function passed to it as
parameter ie it also returns objects.But how does it know about the objects in callback function.
Please explain me with example.

Dear Trick,
I commented old dispcallfunc line and replaced it with the code sent by you and still I am getting same vRet empty error.

Private Sub Command1_Click()

Dim vRet As Variant
Dim cForm As Object

'DispCallFunc ByVal 0&, AddressOf FormFactoryPrivate, CC_STDCALL, vbObject, 0, ByVal 0&, ByVal 0&, vRet ' old code
DispCallFunc ByVal 0&, AddressOf FormFactoryPrivate, CC_STDCALL, vbObject, 1, vbLong, VarPtr(CVar(0)), vRet 'new code
Set cForm = vRet
cForm.Show vbModal
End Sub

I am sending the code link.Please clarify?
Code Link.

Dear Trick,
Please clear your private inbox space as it is full.I have sent you a mail also.

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