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VS 2010 Why is the integration of CKEditor and CKFinder in ASP.NET error http error 404 ?


New member
Mar 31, 2008
Why is the integration of CKEditor and CKFinder in ASP.NET error http error 404 - not found ?
I add the image upload function, we have to integrate CKFinder into CKEditor. The steps are as follows:
Step 1: Download the CKFinder version
Step 2: Extract the file then copy the ckfinder folder and paste it into my project.
Step 3: Add reference file CKFinder.dll in ckfinder / bin / Debug folder
Step 4: Open the config.acsx file in the ckfinder directory at your project. You will see that there are 2 methods, CheckAuthentication () and SetConfig ().
Step 5: Replace the return command false; to return true; in the CheckAuthentication () method

Step 7: By default, CKFinder will upload files to / ckfinder / userfiles / via the BaseUrl = "/ ckfinder / userfiles /" command; If you want to upload to another directory, you can modify the BaseUrl property value.

Step 8: Let's now attach CKFinder to the website.
First, declare the CKFinder namespace with the following command <% @ Register Namespace = "CKFinder" Assembly = "CKFinder" TagPrefix = "CKFinder"%>

Next, paste the command <CKFinder: FileBrowser ID = "FileBrowser1" Width = "0" runat = "server" OnLoad = "FileBrowser1_Load"> </ CKFinder: FileBrowser> anywhere on the page.

Step 9: View the code behind of the page and add the FileBrowser1_Load method
protected void FileBrowser1_Load (object sender, EventArgs e)
         FileBrowser1 = new CKFinder.FileBrowser ();
            FileBrowser1.BasePath = "/ ckfinder /";
            FileBrowser1.SetupCKEditor (CKEditor1);
Step 10: Build project and reload the website and press F5 to run, when the website opens press the image icon button, the image properties window will appear, and the Browse server button will get an error message http error 404 - not found. How to fix this error? You see the attached image file View attachment 174211