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[VB6] ActiveX CommonControls (Replacement of the MS common controls)


New member
Jun 8, 2012

I have 3 questions regarding using the OCX version of the controls.

1 - What modules, if any, of the Std-EXE version need to be included when we use the OCX version? You have 3 modules int eh Std-EXE version that are general to all of the forms, Common.bas, Startup.bas and VisualStyles.bas. Are any of these needed to use the OCX version?

2 - In the Std-EXE version demo, at the start of each of the forms is code to call SetupVisualStylesFixes which resides int he aforementioned VisualStyles.bas module. Do we need to do this at the start of any/all our forms to get theming and visual styles or is that done automatically in the OCX version?

3 - If these are no specials subs to run at startup using the OCX version, then is there still the requirement that the program starts from Sub Main instead of going to a form? If so, what initialization code should we call before going to a form?

As a general comment, it might be nice to have a simple sample using the OCX version which would help us understand what we need to do besides side-by-side to get it to work with modern themes etc. If you want, I could cook up your Std-EXE sample for use with the OCX if you can help me understand the start-up things like in my questions above.


Using VBCCR16.OCX is no different than using COMCTL32.OCX. Again: No difference.

What do you do to get theming? You make a manifest file
What do you do to use COMCTL32.OCX regfree ? You make a manifest file, same for VBCCR16.OCX

VisualStyles.bas is only helping by fixing some issues with the theming, mostly for the intrinsic VB.Controls.