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MASM32 install/usage question [RESOLVED]


New member
Jun 30, 2010
It seems I can't get this program to install because it says it cannot compile the windows.inc file.
I've tried all of the versions, and it seems that none will work.
Many say 'out of memory' during compile.

Microsoft (R) Macro Assembler Version 6.14.8444
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corp 1981-1997. All rights reserved.
Assembling: C:\masm32\EXAMPLE1\GENERIC\GENERIC.asm
\masm32\include\windows.inc(35) : error A2008: syntax error : pr1
\masm32\include\windows.inc(36) : error A2051: text item required
ArgCount(1340): Macro Called From
\masm32\include\windows.inc(36): Include File
\masm32\include\windows.inc(0) : fatal error A1004: out of memory

Note that it says crazy ArgCount(1340) when we know it isn't that long, it's like, 6 lines.

Maybe my files, buffers, or stacks???? Crazy problem! Why? It seemed like it ran before a long time ago, but now.... Not.
I wanted to learn ASSY since they seemed to have done away with the offset:segment 20 bit whatever thingy that discouraged me
with the flat 32 bit addressing scheme. Now they even have includes that allow me to make a gradual transition from a high-level language.
I really really really wanted to get started and learn this thing, but I can't. It's very frustrating when what must be a simple DOS compiler ap won't work.

A user on their site said to use JWasm, and this fixed the problem.
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