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  1. ßädbö¥


    When i load transparent gif image in RichTextBox then it shows white background.... how can i make it transparent .... ?
  2. ßädbö¥

    Insert gif image in richtextbox...

    How can i insert animated gif image in richtext box ? without using sendmessage WM_PASTE.. Need urgent help thnx
  3. ßädbö¥

    Convert string to long ...?

    Neone know how to convert String into Long ...?
  4. ßädbö¥

    fastest way to open password protected excel file...?

    Hi... all... Any one know the fastest way to open password protected excel file...? except this : Excel.Workbooks.Open "e:\N.xls", , , , zPass I'm trying to recover the password of one important file.. and i'm using brute force.... If i use the above command then it takes half second to...
  5. ßädbö¥

    Is dat last childform ? MDI question..

    Hi... all.....:wave: How will i know if the closed child form is the last one in MDI form.. ?:confused:
  6. ßädbö¥

    MDI Child Form...

    How will i get the name of focused child form in MDI form ? MDI.Activeform doesn't give me anything... it shows Nothing I've one idea -- public ChildFocused as string Private Sub Form_GotFocus() ChildFocused = Me.name End Sub but if u guys know the another (better) way.....
  7. ßädbö¥

    Chat Proggy...... Need Help.....

    Hi... I've made one chat proggy...... It's working fine over LAN in my company... problem is, i want to share it with my friend. My friend is working in another company and he is behind the firewall and i also have the firewall in our company.... I m not able to connect with him using this...
  8. ßädbö¥

    Find the offset address of byte in exe files

    Hi.... How can i find the offset address of byte in the exe file ? 004011C4 |. E8 7F010000 CALL <JMP.&USER32.PostQuitMessage> 004011C9 |. EB 17 JMP SHORT EditClas.004011E2 004011CB |. FF75 14 PUSH DWORD PTR SS:[EBP+14] 004011CE |. FF75 10...
  9. ßädbö¥

    Is it possible... I think it's new IDEA !!

    Hi..... ( My PC - Running Winamp n' Client app ) -----[ LAN ]----- ( Friend's PC - Having Speakers n' Server app ) I think u all guys understood what i want to say........ :thumb: and this is for those who didn't ... :rolleyes: My PC and my friend's Pc are attached through LAN. is it...
  10. ßädbö¥

    Find path of Excel.exe

    [SIZE=2]Hi.. I want to find the path of excel.exe of any version
  11. ßädbö¥

    Get Excel File path

    Hi... If any user clicked on any excel file to open it the how can i get the path and name of that file ?
  12. ßädbö¥

    On Error Resume Next !!

    Hi VC++ Gurus.... Is there any command like VB have On Error Resume Next in VC++ :confused:
  13. ßädbö¥

    Main Header file...

    I've designed one Win32 application in VC++, but when i run it gives me err : could not open myresource.h file OR couldn't find myresource.h (It is my main header file). I don't know how to create main header file. I m using ClassWizard to create class. If any one can plz post a complete...
  14. ßädbö¥

    Databse Handling....

    Hi..... I've just started to learn VC++. now i m familiar to all the basic controls. I want to make one address book and for this project i want to use MS Access to store my all records. can any one give me the example to add, Modify, delete, search records in the database ? Thnx..
  15. ßädbö¥

    Execute VB command ...

    I've a text box in my form. If user entered any vb command e.g. msgbox "Hi I'm a BADBOY" in text box then how can i execute that command need urgent help.. thnx
  16. ßädbö¥

    How can i get ip and port ?

    i m running the server programme on different machines and the ip of server changes according to the machine. how can i detect the ip and port of server programme
  17. ßädbö¥

    Text to formula

    Hi if i've formula in textbox [e.g. ((15*1.07)+5)/2 ] then how can i get the result of that formula thanx
  18. ßädbö¥

    Winsock Question.. need urgent help..

    Hi.. I want to make 1 chat programme... i've 2 PC's which r not a part of LAN system... both Pc using Internet connection... ________ Internet connection ______ | | PC [A] PC...
  19. ßädbö¥

    find path ofExcel.exe

    How can i find the path of excel.exe....???
  20. ßädbö¥

    need help about SMTP host names

    Hi my email Id is vilas4u_9jan@imacapricorn.com... I m trying to send email by using VB and i need SMTP host name to send email on my ID... Which smtp host i've to use...? thnx