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    Need info

    Dear All, I am looking for a freeware activex that can help me to display a digital led like some electronic LCD/LED Display.. Could any body please inform me? Regards Winanjaya
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    Get current running procedure

    Dear All, How to get current running procedure programmatically? .. pls advise thanks & regards Winanjaya
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    How to hide app from process list?

    Dear All, To hide application from task list .. App.TaskVisible = False .. how about to hide it from process list? .. any idea? Thanks & Regards Winanjaya
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    [2005] ActiveForm

    Dear Expert, on VB6 .. I can use activeform to get active window and run the function inside the active form .. ie. activeform.savemydata I need this on VB.NET 2005 .. could any body please help how to do such thing on VB.NET 2005? Thanks & Regards Winanjaya
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    Newbie learning implements statement

    Dear Expert, I am learning to use implements statement for my VB 2005 application (see below), I am confusing why the messagebox works correctly but the button status (enable/disable) not working.. am I missing something? Please help.. Thanks & Regards Winanjaay Public Interface IMyTest...
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    how to show form using a string

    Dear Expert, I store all of form's name into a table, the form names will be listed in a listbox when my MDI started, user should select from the list if he/she wants to run it. I store selected form's name into a string .. but I don't know how to show the form? .. could any body please help...
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    Newbie - group looping process

    Dear All, I am very new to VB.NET, I am using VB.NET 2005 and currently I am trying to do stock group looping process ..(see below) I need advise from the expert .. do I already have correct codes for such stock group looping process below? Try cn.Open() Dim cmd As New...
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    Pause receiving data from serial port

    Dear Expert, I am in the progress developing a serial comm app using VB6, I need to Pause receiving data from serial port, is it possible? Pls help thanks & Regards Winanjaya
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    Screen resolutions

    Dear Expert, My VB6 application requires 1024x768 screen resolutions, how to determine whether the screen resolution, I need to exit application when it's not match of the required screen resolution .. pls help Thanks & Regards Winanjaya
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    Use control in class

    Dear Expert, how to use control in class (ie. using timer control in class).. I use below codes: Private withevents myTimer as Timer on Class_Initialize .. I put myTimer.Interval = 1000 ' The error occurs here! but Error occurs .. Error 91: Object variable or with block variable not set...
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    file name to array

    Dear Expert, I need to get list of certain file types of a folder and store to array, (ie. to get *.exe files of c:\windows\system folder and store the filenames to an array) .. could any body please help .. Thanks a lot in advance & Regards Winanjaya
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    CR on Mobile Device

    Dear Expert, My ASP.NET application (VS 2005) use CR viewer to show reports, some of mobile users also want to show some reports thru their Mobile Device (PDA / MDA), their mobile device run on Windows Mobile 5.0. do any body here has experience how to show reports using CR viewer on Mobile...
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    CR on Mobile Device

    Dear Expert, I built asp.net (VS 2005) app but some of mobile users also want to show the reports from their MDA / PDA .. my asp.net app uses CR .. Do any body here has experience to show report thru mobile device? .. Please help.. Thanks and Regards Winanjaya
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    [2005] Invalid postback or callback argument

    Dear Expert, I had a problem today on my ASP.NET App (I am using ASP.NET 2.0) Invalid postback or callback argument. Event validation is enabled using pages enableEventValidation="true" in configuration or ..Page EnableEventValidation="true".. in a page. For security purposes, this feature...
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    Runs on Pocket PC

    Dear Expert, I have deployed my 1st ASP.NET app (Net Framework 2.0), now I able to run it by using PC's browser ? .. but why I am unable to run it using Pocket PC, my Pocket PC runs on Windows Mobile 5.0 .. Am I missing something? .. please help Thanks a lot in advance Regards Winanjaya
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    [2005] Deploy my 1st asp.net app

    Dear Expert, I am trying to deploy my 1st asp.net app, why I met below error?, I also have already ran C:\>\WINNT\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\aspnet_regiis.exe -ga IUSR_WINANJAYA Start granting IUSR_WINANJAYA access to the IIS metabase and other directories used by ASP.NET. Finished...
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    Send email thru ASP.NET with SMTP Auth

    Dear Expert, I wrote below codes for sending email using ASP.NET.. but my SMTP server requires authentication, please help .. Imports System.Net.Mail ... ... ... Try Dim SendFrom As MailAddress = New MailAddress(mFromAddr) Dim SendTo As MailAddress = New MailAddress(pTo) Dim...
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    How to get installed RAM using VB6's code

    Dear Expert, How to get installed RAM using VB6's code? .. pls help Thanks a lot in advance Regards Winanjaya
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    File Save As Dialog on ASP.NET

    Dear Expert, My ASP.NET app needs to open File Save As dialog box.. is it possible? .. please help.. Thanks a lot in advance Regards Winanjaya