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    [02/03] Allow select only one RadioButton in Datagrid

    I used RadioButton in Datagrid. I want user select only one option. How can i do? currenlty user can select many option in datagrid.
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    [02/03] Rounding problem in VB.NET

    I have problem in rounding number in vb.net I use Math.Round(13.025, 2), it returns 13.02 but Math.Round(13.035, 2), it returns 13.04. I very wonder: If Math.Round(13.025, 2) return 13.02, then Math.Round(13.035, 2) should return 13.03 Anyone know why?
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    [02/03] use Validator Control in asp.net

    I have a textbox(this textbox is required and must be numeric). I want to use regular expression validator to validate it. I set ValidationExpression="\d{1,10}", but it allow blank field(not allow numeric). How can I don if i want a textbox(required and must be numeric)? I do not want to use...
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    Use Sql Statement to create croostab query in sql server

    I have the following view. View1: Date ProductType TotalSale 1/1/06 A 100 1/1/06 B 150 1/1/06 C 300 2/1/06 A 210 2/1/06 B 250 2/1/06 C 310 I want to display the result in vb.net form as crosstab query as the following A B C 1/1/2006 100 150 300 2/1/2006 210 250 310...
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    Prevent Back Button in Web Browser

    In my web application(asp.net), there is problem when user click back button of web browser, then click the submit button on the page again. How to prevent user from click on back button on the web browser.
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    Subreport in Crystal Report

    I have tried creating another detail section and putting the subreport in that. The "new page before" option is disabled(check by default). It always display subreport in new pages. How can uncheck "new page before" option? Because I want to display subreport in the section of main report not...
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    [02/03] Compile VB.NET Project

    I work with a big VB.NET Project. When I compile this project, Visual Studio often crash and exit and It also take long time compile it. Now I want to compile it by using VBC.exe? Need help how to compile? Is it good idea to compile project using command instead of Visual Studio? Thanks
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    [02/03] Access controls of other forms

    I have Form1(Textbox1, Button1) and Form2(Textbox2). When I click Button1 of Form1, it will display Form2. In Form2, i want to access the Textbox1(any controls) of Form1. Any solution?
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    How to show Window Task Manager

    How can I use VB Code to show Window Task Manager? Thanks.
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    Java with Report

    I start learning Java Programming. I develop small java program that connect to database. Now I want to create a report for this application. for example, report of monthly stock out. I know we use Crystal Report in VB.NET. How about Java? Thanks.
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    ConnectionString in Configuration file

    ConnectionString to database is often stored in Configuration file. It includes username and password also. When we deploy the application, the end user can open the configuration file and see the username and password of database because it is a just a text file. How to prevent this? Thanks.
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    Read XML file

    I have one xml file as the following. I know that we use dataset.ReadXML to read xml file. I want to get the value of "connectionString","mailEnable" ........ Need help! Thanks. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?> <configuration> <configSections> <section name="log4net"...
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    Program run in background process

    Hi all. My boss want to me develop .net application to generate a report in background process in a specified time every night(12 AM). Is there any example about program run in background process? Thanks.
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    Why CSV file rename to XLS file when Downloading

    I have create a CSV file in comma-delimited format(Report.csv). When I use asp(Response.Redirect("Report.csv")) . Then it prompt user to save as .xls file. Excel does not display properly with this .xls file that renamed from .csv file. I want user to save as .csv file. How can i do? Thanks.
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    Unable to debug in asp.net project

    I can not debug asp.net project. I try to set a break point in my code when i run this project it does not debug(the break point does not work). Need help!Thanks.
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    LinkButton in DataGrid

    I have used a LinkButton in DataGrid(Display LinkButton in a column of datagrid). When the user click on this LinkButton, I want to do something. Which event of DataGrid that should be used? Are there any example? Thanks.
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    Read/Write MS Word using Java

    How can I read/write Microsoft Word document from Java?
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    VB.NET vs C#

    Which one is better VB.NET and C#? Can one explain this clearly?
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    Applet in Client

    Now I can use the applet in the computer has J2SDK installed and this computer has a web server(IIS). Then I put class and html files(Applet) in Web server folder. I can view this html file in server but it does not work in client. How can i do? I used Intranet.
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    Shutdown computer

    How can I use Java code to shutdown or restart a computer?