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I registered, but didn't get the activation email!

When you register with this forum, an activation email is sent. This email has a link you must click or visit before you will be able to post messages. This is to confirm that you are a real person. You might also have to activate your account after changing your email address.

There are generally two common reasons why you may not get the activation email.

The most obvious reason is that you put in a bad email address. You should verify that you entered a valid email address.

Secondly, public mail programs such as yahoo, hotmail, and others have a tendency to move emails from Web sites into the bulk mail/spam folder. To help prevent this from happening, you should create a contact for webmaster@vbforums.com. If you used an email address from one of the public systems, you should check the spam/bulk mail folder for the activation message.

If you find that neither of these reasons are valid for you, then you should check filtering on your mail server (or with your ISP's mail server) to verify that it is not filtering @vbforums.com mail.