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  • Ok, i will continut posting corrections when done and tested. There are couple of though ones to do right fex. Scrolling / scrollrange does not function as it should. Also some event firing needs to be repositioned in terms of input validating etc.

    I'll keep an eye on you..incase my adventure with vhGrid fails. i might return to LynxGrid (which is the grid i understand better)..

    but the richness of vhGrid might add value to LynxGrid. .that's why i previously borrowed from other grids (namely, vhGrid + FlexCell) to enhance LynxGrid:

    1. dragging marker (when dragging columns + rows) : from vhGrid
    2. content indicator - when dragging rows: from vhGrid
    3. added group sorting (which was reportedly not possible)
    4. multi-column header rows
    5. node-to-cell interop: from FlexCell
    6. resized the button and made the multiple images to be clickable

    i was working on cell merging + unstable row resizing..before i moved to vhGrid.

    - All the above i attached to "LynxGrid..Modifications" post.

    But the way vhGrid is treating me...i might soon return to LynxGrid...this time with more knowledge.

    If i return to LynxGrid...I'll like to see those bugs and fixes..but I'll let you know.

    missing LynxGrid

    Are you busy with LynxGrid? meaning are you updating the grid?

    just asking...
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