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  • :D It's the thought that counts!

    I just didn't want to annoy everybody by bumping back up the thread.
    i was confusing position with location, so [] not necessary there, but Me.Name does exist
    Message 2: Ignore my comments about making a UI, because on reading your message again I see that is not what you were suggesting. I have in fact made a version of this which saves the images to a list so they can be used in an animation. But that still needs a lot of work, and I split off the code for demo2 in order to make a fresh start. BB
    Hi squared,

    Thanks for rating my post. About your suggestion: the code is just a demo, to show some of the possibilities. With all those variables, it would be impracticle to make a UI for it now -- not just defining properties and hooking them up to controls, but working out allowable ranges for the values. Besides, it's a work in progress so that UI would be instantly out of date. I have already changed the way the code works for myself, and there are many more possibilities to be explored. Actually, I'd appreciate it if you post your suggestion to the thread in the code bank so I can make that clear to other people.

    My 3D text isn't particularly advanced programming, but it's not something I just found somewhere. I have never seen anything like this so maybe I could claim that the idea as well as the code is original. BB
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