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  • this is what i want to achieve kindly help me
    i want group or partition and rank according to the subject. Every subject must have 1st to last student.
    Am using the codes below with vb 2010

    am using this
    Dim TotaledRecords = From p In db.Assessments
    Where p.Class = cboclass.Text And p.Stream = cbostream.Text
    Select p
    Order By p.Total Descending
    For j = 1 To TotaledRecords.Count
    TotaledRecords.ToList(j - 1).Position = j

    I want it to restart the ranking with respect to the subject
    thank you
    the picture is uploaded here

    thank you
    sorry for disturbing
    Anti virus and nasty hack attacks are not my favourite subject. Doing well in Maths. Might take it further. Got Java programming to come over the next few years...
    I am really bored of it. I am spending most my time studying with the malware school. Hoping to get a position at mbam. what do you mainly write for the uk company?
    it was someone else's java game. I modified it + rewrote the graphics + animations, then converted it to vb.net too.
    Your an ar*e hole Paul that games addictive addictive i can't beat the machine yet lol :D
    Thanks for the note .paul. I think the biggest challenge here will be calculating the Mode but I too decided not to suggest LINQ and Lambda expressions to use Grouping since these are more advanced topics.

    Have a good weekend.


    Hi Paul,

    This is Nelson (necalabria). You helped me with my problem sorting a listvew control, just few days ago. Your code works fine, however, it sorts from the lowest value to the highest. I thought I could get it doing otherwise, as I need, but after a lot of work I has not been able to do it.

    I will appreciate if you give a hand with that.

    I am sorry to bother you.

    Thank you,

    Also, that was a junk upload, it was much improved after I uploaded it to CodePlex: https://pascalstriangle.codeplex.com/. I didn't know how to edit a submission on PSC, I find it a bit lame the kind of moderation you have to go through... I probably won't be uploading there anymore though, I don't like the navigation haha.

    Cheers :)
    It is pascal's triangle because siepinski's triangle is derived from pascal's triangle. However, not all of the triangles that are made, are in the form of sierpinski's triangle, because they use different modular base values depending on what the user input is. :)

    Where can I become so fluent in functions and LINQ? I learn something new from every one of your posts :p

    Can you recommend me a good book for LINQ?
    Hi .paul.

    I have only just noticed that you made a comment on a post that I made so, Many Thanks for that.

    The only thing that gets me with this forum is that you are never notified when a comment is made on a post that you make but I suppose that is just the norm on this forum.

    Have a good day.


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