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  • Hi,

    I have a client for whom I've done several things over the years. He has an extensive Access/VBA program that uses serial comms to receive data from commercial truck scales to generate bills of lading, etc.

    Most of his customers have local PCs that are used to generate the paperwork from the scale readings. However, more and more, his customers would like to do this remotely, via the Internet. He has set up a couple of sites using com0com virtual serial device driver to provide a connection over the Internet to a host computer, and want to expand this for some new sites. He isn't comfortable with the communication aspect -- I'd do the work for him, but I'm tied up in a project that is well behind schedule.

    He pays reliably. I suspect that the actual work would be only a few hours, but I didn't discuss the extent because I couldn't do it myself. If you are interested, I'll put you together with him; send me contact information.

    Thanks, Dick
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